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Our members inspire us daily. Their dedication and hard work is what gets them the results, while we provide the platform. (A pretty diverse platform, at that!) We’re excited to share their stories with you, and can’t wait to help you write your own with CrossFit Pendulum.
  • Ronald Cooper

    Great! Awesome! Incredible! These are the words that come to me when I think about CrossFit Pendulum. I’ve always kept myself in decent shape. I had heard a lot about CrossFit over the years, some positive and some negative. I have seen the crazy videos and heard about the injuries. I had to see for myself, I started out in the beginning 101 class. It was a great place to start, it gave me all the fundamentals of proper lifting, getting rest and nutrition. My coach “Liz” was supportive and pushed us to our limits within the boundaries of safety. I’m now in my sixth week at the box and I can see my overall improvement. The owner Drew has been supportive from day one, even returning my first call for information on the box when he was at the airport leaving for vacation.

    This past week I ran a 5K in 29 minutes, “I HATE RUNNING”! I felt so good about being able to push myself to finish, and I owe it all to CrossFit Pendulum. The atmosphere at the gym is friendly, everyone gives support and pushes each other no matter what level you are. I’ve been to gyms before where the experienced members look down on the beginners, not at this box it’s like a big family.

    If you are looking to get started in CrossFit, experience or beginner this is the box for you. I’m looking forward to seeing where I am three months from now. Based on all of the above I highly recommend that you give CrossFit Pendulum a shot!

  • William Chen

    I have been a part of two different boxes and done drop in’s for many different boxes. I have been a part of CrossFit pendulum of a little over a year now. For me to actually stay with a box for that long means a lot.

    The box itself if is pretty spacious and they keep it very clean. My favorite apart of it is that they don’t use cheap equipment and everything is high end.

    The coaches are very experienced, professional, and friendly. I think the best part is the personal attention the coaches give you. I find it pretty amazing that the coaches can name all of the members at the box and tell you their weakness, strengths, and even their personalities. Which, it shows me that they actually care about their members and pay close attention. In something like CrossFit you really need a coach watching you and paying attention to you, as opposed to staring at their phones while the class wods.

    I highly recommend CrossFit pendulum, for the person that wants to try CrossFit, to the experience CrossFiter. You won’t regret it. Trust me.

  • Amy Pike

    I always say I don’t necessarily love CrossFit but I do love “my” crossifit, aka CrossFit Pendulum. It’s different from most CrossFits because of the incredible coaching for starters, technique and safety are important here. I am a physical therapist and I always agree with the coaches assessments of sore muscles and the cues they use to help us activate certain muscle groups. They know how to ensure that you protect your body from injury and always appropriately scale things. Secondly I have found an amazing community of people. There aren’t cliques of elite athletes vs. average athletes and I feel that any member genuinely cares for the other members like family. I am definitely committed to this “box” and feel at home here.

  • Brian Perry

    Check out Brian’s CrossFit Pendulum experience!

  • Romesh Anketell

  • Shelly Dewberry


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